Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cable Car and Hawaiian Barbecue in Tagaytay

My brother invited hubby and myself to join them in Tagaytay last Sunday for some grub and take the kids to the cable car in Picnic Grove.

We haven't been in Picnic grove for like 15 years or so. We heard that they have a cable car there and a zip line which were going to be fun for the kids and the adults, or so we thought. First of all, that place is packed with people. I will not recommend anybody to go to Picnic Grove, ever! You wouldn't enjoy the cable ride because it's very slow and they charge P200 per head. We didn't try the zip line either because hubby didn't want to leave his camera. The cable and zip line equipment are crudely built, so there are safety issues. Anyway, don't even bother going there, complete waste of time and money. Jologs' haven, he he he.

After such a disappointing cable ride, we went off to have dinner at Hawaiian Barbecue at the Boutique hotel along the highway.

Hawaiian barbecue is always a hit! Tagaytay's version is better than Boracay's :-)

I love what it says on Ashley's shirt:

"So spoiled....
So young....
So what!"


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