Monday, February 2, 2009

Azule Spa

Me and my best bud luuuuvvvvv going to the spa. Last Saturday was one of our many excursions in our quest for relaxation and girl bonding.

Our destination is Azule Spa in BF Homes, along Aguirre Ave., just a five-minute drive from my place. We’ve been there before. We like coming there due to its proximity and their reasonable rates.

What I like most about Azule Spa is their very fragrant interiors. I often wonder how much scented oil they consume daily to achieve such a feat. The interior is dimly illuminated by the occasional low voltage lamps and candles. They have a sea theme going on, from the color scheme to the stones on their hallway. This is not a very swanky spa but it's clean, quiet and the therapists are very professional.

We previously tried their Body Scrub service. The body scrub is wonderful because it gets rid of your dead and rough skin. After the salt and milk scrub, your skin is guaranteed to be baby soft and smooth. The only drawback is that Azule’s shower facility is not very good. The water pressure in the shower is too low and the lowest setting on their shower is scalding. They should improve that. That’s why we didn’t have the scrub, otherwise we would have gotten a body scrub AND a massage. Body Scrubs cost around P700 (US$14) .

They also have another service called the Aromafacial Massage. Therapists will massage your face and will apply some nourishing mask to make your skin soft and smooth. I wouldn’t recommend this because we’ve tried it. The massage only lasted about 5 minutes and the mask used was just the commercial mask that you would find in Watson’s. Although in fairness, we noticed that our skin was extra smooth that day.

We come to Azule Spa for the massage. When you get a massage, your feet will first be washed in a basin of warm water with tiny river stones to rub your feet against to help you relax.

Their massage rooms are air conditioned and illuminated only by low voltage lamps and of course scented candles and oil. BFF and I decided to have their signature massage, a cobination of aromatheraphy, reflexology and shiatsu. An hour’s massage costs only P350 (approximately US$7, yes seven dollars). One hour is not enough so we opted to avail of the 1 ½ hour package of P525 ($10.50). Sheer bliss. OMG, I specially love when they massage my head, I fell asleep in sheer happiness. Next time I’m gonna get the two-hour massage. Time flies when you’re having fun. I highly recommend Azule spa for their massages.

Comlimentary tea and biscuits are given after each massage.

Despite Azule’s shortcomings, I would still go back ther for their wonderful and ultra relaxing massage. They're open until midnight. Friday nights are usually the busiest, so be sure to set an appointment, you may call (+632) 825-38-98. You can bring your kids and get them a kiddie massage for 45 minutes at P350 ;-)


mye said...

So excited na Leica! I could almost feel the massage.

Leica said...

Can't wait to have spa bonding time with you. Spa everyday!!!!! :-)

marjan said...

prices for couple massage promo?