Sunday, August 18, 2013

Growing Food at Home

Operation "grow our own food" has officially started. Already bought nine various dwarf trees to be planted throughout our small garden. Non-flowering bushes will be replaced with citrus trees, and other fruits to make our garden more productive. 

We already removed much of the non-productive greenery. Some will be used for compost and some will be used for mulch. It's such a shock to see my garden so "naked". But I know soon, it will be lush again with the added bonus of fresh vegetables growing. I kept all the flowering plants because they're pretty when they bloom and the  bees, birds and butterflies love them, too.

Plant boxes will be hung on the garden fence to grow various vegetables. I bought all kinds of seeds and I am so excited to start growing!

We already have some cucumbers growing and some other things that have sprung up from compost thrown at a large flower pot in the verandah.

I also purchased some organic soil and horse manure to build up the soil that we currently have. 

Organic vegetables are so expensive and hopefully by making our garden more productive, we can have freshly picked veggies and fruits right here at home.

I know that the journey will be challenging at times, but I hope with some research, hard work and my housekeeper's green thumb, we can make our garden a productive one.

Wish us luck! 

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