Monday, May 27, 2013

Why I Started Juicing

I'm trying this juicing thing. I only started last Friday. I do a combination of eating regular human food (LOL) and juicing. At this moment, I am not confident that I can go cold turkey on solid food since I grew up carnivorous. Baby steps. 

I am trying to flip my food pyramid by eating/juicing fresh fruits and vegetables more (instead of carbs). Landmark sells affordable organic fruits and vegetables, I'm so happy about that. 

Joe Cross, of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead fame kinda inspired me to try juicing on a regular basis. So far, juicing has helped me with my migraine. I've been having migraine on a daily basis for over a month prior to the juicing and suddenly, after one huge glass of green juice, my migraine disappeared!

Amazing! When I was having the migraines, I took medication on most days, it didn't help really because after the meds wore off, the migraine would just come back. So, on most days, I didn't even bother taking any meds. 

Thank goodness for celery! I hate the taste but if I feel a migraine coming on, I just juice something with celery and the migraine is kept at bay. Who knew?!

Anyway, I made a juice today with a head of Romaine  lettuce, a pear and a cup (or a bit more) of pineapple. This turned out really great. I would definitely be doing this again!

Happy juicing! 

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