Friday, April 12, 2013

Eats in Insadong, Seoul

Insadong is one of those vibrant places for you to visit whenever you are in Seoul. Sure, it is somewhat of a tourist trap, but it's fun wandering the streets nonetheless. Insadong is always full of people milling around the alleyways, restaurants, food stalls and curio shops.

I was looking for a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that I wasn't able to try last time I was in Insadong with my co-workers for a company trip because of limited time with the tour group. I wanted to look for that restaurant because the smell was just so heavenly when I passed by. I was mighty disappointed that it wasn't where I thought it was. Me and my bad sense of direction again.

I took Hubby to one of the dumpling places that I visited last time.  I bought assorted dumplings and we decided to eat them in a restaurant somewhere where we could sit. Hubby was starting to get (very) cranky by the time we got to the dumpling shop because it was quite a walk from the subway station, we had no sleep (since we took the red-eye) and he was upset that we couldn't get a table inside. 

I love Hubby and all, but when he gets tired and hungry, he turns to an effing @$$hole (pardon my French). I usually get pissed when he starts pulling the Jekyll and Hyde crap on me. See my lovely expression in the picture above.

We ended up having lunch in this restaurant with no English name. We needed a place to sit down, have a proper lunch and eat the dumplings in peace.  The food in the restaurant turned out quite good, actually. The fried beef was delicious. Beef in Korea is really good, the side dishes are almost always bottomless. 

What I noticed though during my travels in Korea, is that most restaurants don't allow sharing of one order, despite that each serving is usually good for two. I suppose it's because of the bottomless kimchi and side dishes that they offer. It just makes good business sense to recoup their capital specially if they encounter people who will fill themselves with just the side dishes.

Anyway, after Hubby had been fed and an after hour of rest in the restaurant while wolfing down copious amounts of kimchi, he became his usual self again. Hubby's personality is a cross between Scooby-doo, Bill Gates and that narrator from the Discovery channel. He's weird, but I love him nonetheless.

He brightened up when he saw this ice cream stall. He LOVES ice cream.

All is well again in the world. Ice cream does that to people.

That's my Scooby-doo enjoying his ice cream cone. Jekyll and Hyde nowhere in sight.

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