Monday, October 15, 2012

Yabu, best Katsu in Manila?

Finally, Yabu! I've been wanting to dine at Yabu for the longest time. I have heard so many good reviews about it. Hubby, me, Jayjay and Ashley braved the C5 traffic to drive to Megamall to finally try Yabu. (When did Megamall have a building C?!)

We were not disappointed. It is by far, the best katsu I've had (well, I haven't been to Japan, so there's really no comparison). Much better than Hong Kong airport's Saboten, in my opinion. Although, many would probably disagree with me.

We love to grind our own sesame seeds for the sauce. It really makes a huge difference in taste and texture.

The katsu that we ordered were crispy on the outside, tender on the inside and fried perfectly, not oily at all. All meals are served with unlimited cabbage salad and rice. How perfect for the Pinoy diner.

Yabu is so worth the wait, the drive and money spent. Will definitely go back to Yabu. I hope they open a branch in Makati or Alabang soon. **hint** **hint**


mrslovey said...

This post made me crave for katsu! will definitely try it soon. altho i always get stressed out looking for parking space when i go there.ugh. they should open in makati.

btw, just a request, would be great if you could insert the cost per dish in your post so we viewers could have an idea :) thanks

Leica said...

Hi Mrs. Lovey, thanks for reading :-) I hope we'll bump into each other someday.

I don't have the receipt anymore but each disc cost between P375 to P500 depending on the type of Katsu that you order. So worth the money.

I really hope that they open a branch in Makati, so that we can just walk to it whenever we have the urge :-)