Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sumo Sam in Nuvali II

Our intentions were good. Hubby and I drove to Nuvali to spend the afternoon biking. The clouds were against us and are hiding somewhere in the mountains. The sun was just too hot and I was slowly making sour faces and getting irritated. Poor Hubby, he tried to appease me by letting me drag him from store to store to browse.

We decided to eat first while waiting for the sun to go down a little bit. In typical Hubby fashion, we dined at the most convenient Japanese restaurant in the area, Sumo Sam.

Hubby ordered the Tempura Ramen. I was surprised that it was good. Most ramen that I've had in other restaurants were either too salty or suspiciously taste like they were made with instant broth. Anyway, Sumo Sam's Tempura Ramen was nice, with just the right balance of saltiness and just a hint of sweetness. I would order this again.

I ordered the Chicken Sesame Yakisoba. It was good too, but a bit too spicy. I would request it to be less spicy next time. The yakisoba tastes like Kung Pao Chicken, a dish I really like.

Hubby had the Calamansi Iced Tea, not sure why it was colored red though. My Hubby is muy gwapo 'no? :-)

Fully sated, and the sun no longer as harsh, we unload our bikes and pedaled with the cool wind blowing on our faces. We like biking in Nuvali because it's so windy there and there are no cars in certain areas. Very ideal place for two old farts biking.

Such a nice way to spend the afternoon.

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jotan23 said...

SUMOSAM Gilmore is offering lunch bento boxes :)