Sunday, June 5, 2011

Savory Chicken

Savory used to be my grandmother's favorite restaurant back in the 80's. I remember that she could finish a whole chicken all by herself. Aside from being a great cook, she had a great appetite to boot! :-) My lola used to pronounce it SABOREE. For years I thought it was pronounced that way. Yikes! Ha ha ha.

For some reason Savory closed its doors for over a decade. Now, Savory is slowly coming back and making its presence in malls around the metropolis. There's a Savory restaurant in SM close to where we live and we decided to give it a go after we did our weekly groceries.

Prior to eating at Savory, I told Hubby that it was my Lola's favorite chicken place but I can's seem to remember how it tasted like. As soon as I bit into the chicken that we ordered, I immediately remembered the taste. The fried chicken had a hint of soy and anise. Funny, how such a simple taste can evoke such memories.

Lola, eating Savory Chicken reminded me of you. I miss you.


Socky said...

I remember being brought here by Papa, whenever I didn't like our ulam. I was spoiled rotten.

Leica said...

I miss Lolo too.