Monday, September 20, 2010

Golden Spoon - Frozen Yoghurt

I mentioned on this blog earlier that hubby and I have tried almost all yoghurt shops in Manila. Hubby gamely use the excuse of the "low-fat" come on to get his ice cream fix. Yes, frozen yoghurt is low fat, but they didn't say anything about sugar free!

We stopped by the Magallenes Commercial area on our way home from Tarlac and decided to try Golden Spoon. I was told by the BFF that Golden Spoon was good and yummy.

Anyway, Golden Spoon so far, is hubby's ultimate favorite frozen yoghurt. Why you say?...

Because their "yoghurt" suspiciously tastes exactly like ice cream, there is hardly a hint of sourness.

The flavors are varied too. They have Strawberry (which you can see, I was happily devouring on the photo below, he he he), Belgian Chocolate (hubby's favorite), Peanut Butter Cup, Simply Tart, Cake Batter (very sweet, didn't like that one), Island Coconut, Raspberry Cheesecake and the old standby, Vanilla. Topping selection is very limited though.

On certain days, Golden Spoon will have a special flavor. So the flavor vary from day to day except for their best seller, the Belgian Chocolate.

Hubby liked Golden Spoon so much, we went again the very next day! Yes, we drove from our place to Magallanes, just to have yoghurt.

My personal favorite is still White Hat though, and we don't have to drive far for that. He he he :-)

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