Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fely J's Again

Back at Fely J’s again for some Filipino food. It’s Butchie’s second night in Manila and Fely J’s has been on his agenda prior to visiting Manila. So, off we went. Thankfully, I was able to reserve a table this time.

We got curious about Fely J's Kamias Shake. Kamias is a local sour fruit often used for making sinigang. We used to have a tree in our backyard way back during my formative years when we lived in a small apartment in Quezon City. When I got married, our old townhouse also had a Kamias tree in the backyard. The neighbors would often ask me (on the rare occasions that I would do some gardening out front), if they could have some. As we dined at Fely J's, we were pleasantly surprised that you can actually make it into a nice refreshing shake. If I knew, I would have served some to my guests during parties, he he he. Such an unusual beverage.

Since we were all pigged out from the previous night’s dinner, we all decided to go seafood and veggies that night, to take a break from pork and to give our arteries a break.

We had the Crunchy Pako Salad (baby ferns) and a Shrimp Pomelo Salad. Both were good, light and refreshing.

Our Fely J's experience is never complete without the Dilis Rice.

Fely J’s best seller is their Pritong Tilapia in Sweet Plum Sauce. Almost every table had this dish. It’s actually a very simple dish to make, the tilapia is butterflied, floured, then deep fried and just brushed with their sweet plum sauce. The plum sauce is probably the secret.

We also ordered the Sadap Spicy Squid. This dish is just like a sweet and sour dish. Very simple. The sauce is light, not too sour, not too sweet but nothing spectacular overall.

Fely J's a must stop-over for balikbayans, I think. For they provide a new twist to local cuisine.

We were so full, we decided to just forego dessert altogether. Well, except for hubby who had some frozen chocolate yoghurt at Qoola.

Hubby still had to go to work after, I was a bit tired already and called it a night. Mom and Butchie partied on and had many more adventures that ended in the wee hours of the morning.

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