Monday, June 14, 2010

Breakfast Party

Hubby and his team work nights. So, when he asked me to have a party at home, he requested a breakfast party. I had the usual stuff of vigan longganisa, tocino,salted egg with tomatoes and cilantro, daing na bangus, fried and plain rice. Watermelons. I laso made Suprise cupcakes, devil's food cupcakes with cream cheese filling.

Breakfast extended to lunch with the addition of pork and chicken adobo with quail eggs, kare-kare brought by one of the guests, binagoonangan also brought by one of the guests. I had a few more stuff waiting in the kitchen to be cooked but there were already so much food!

Lunch extended to merienda of turon.

It was a fun and wacky bunch :-)

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