Thursday, June 3, 2010

Boredom's gonna getcha

As you can probably tell here on my blog that we haven't been anywhere lately. Life has been both exciting and boring this year, if that makes sense. We've had numerous parties at home with family, most of which did not make it here on this blog.

Summer came and went and I didn't see a single grain of beach sand. Hubby's been so swamped with work that weekends were relagated to sleeping and get-togethers at home. I get pleasure from looking at beach pictures instead and planning our next vacation, if Hubby ever found the time to spare. Haaaay...

We did manage to attend Hubby's Family Day at Enchanted Kingdom last Sunday with my nephew JJ. It was brutally hot but the bagets managed to enjoy it nonetheless.

Here he is riding the ATV. JJ was such a daredevil, his ATV rolled over! Thankfully he had pads and helmet on and only hurt his pride.

Oh, and I slipped on the bathtub...again!

I know, my life is exciting, right?

I'm being sarcastic, silly!

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Socky said...

Always, always be careful in the bathtub. Hold on to something when stepping out of it, or even when just turning around. When simply showering, I suggest you use the bathroom downstairs.