Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sa Malamig... the sosyal version

"Sa Malamig" a local Filipino street beverage usually composed of milk, gelatin cubes and a healthy dose of sugar and pink food coloring.

I made my version from a recipe from the Nestle website, I don't remember the exact measurements so I just eyeballed everything. Turned out great and will defenitely make again. Milky and refreshing. This version is a more "sosy" version with the addition of the melon shavings.

Anyway, here's the (estimated) recipe:

2 packs unflavored gelatin, cooked per package directions
2 Big cans of evaporated milk
Sugar to taste
Shavings from two small melons (cantaloupe)
Sago (tapioca)

1. Cook the sago, per package directions. Set aside and let cool completely then refrigerate. This process probably takes only about four hours, he he he. I suggest you buy the cooked ones, if you can find it.
2. Cook the unflavored gelatin per package directions, when set, cut in half-inch cubes, set aside and refrigerate.
3. In a separate pitcher, mix evaporated milk, some water and sugar. Mix well and refrigerate.

To assemble:
1. Place sago, gelatin and melon shavings in a glass.
2. Pour cold milk mixture. Add ice if you like.

Slurping is optional :-)

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