Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Live from Asian Hospital

Hi. It's been a while since I blogged. I hoped it was under better circumstances. I just had an operation yesterday to remove some polyps and have a D&C (raspa). It's quite depressing getting the D&C even before I got pregnant. Sheesh.

There's avideo of my operation taken from the camera probe. I told my doctor I'll show it on our next halloween party. He he he.

My operation almost got cancelled since my blood pressure spiked. Fortunately they were able to bring it down immediately. I guess I have to lay off the pork from now on. Bummer.

My room has a great view though, I have a view of Laguna de Bay on one side and a park on the other side. My family was here alst night to welcome me from my surgery. That was great seeing familiar faces after such a gruelling experience.

I had an interesting adventure with the anesthesia. It was a love hate relationship. First, I loved the feeling of euphoria and bliss. But I hated waking up from it. I was awake but unable to move my legs and had to lay flat on my back for six hours.

I'm ok now. All limbs working :-)


Socky said...

Glad everything went well. Have a good rest!

Random Possum said...

I'm happy to know the surgery went well...have some good rest, and soon enough you will be in your happy feet again.

I miss you :-)

mye said...

I check everyday for new blogs, kaya pala ang tagal nang walang bago, you had to undergo surgery...sure glad everything went well...hope you can go to maddie's 1st bday party on nov. sis in law will be sending you an invite..take care!