Monday, September 17, 2007

Hubby's Romatic Birthday Dinner

Hubby celebrated a birthday last Saturday. I don't think he would appreciate me broadcasting how many candles he blew out this year :-)

With no definite plans, Hubby and I got ready for a dinner somewhere in Alabang. There are some new restaurants there that we wanted to try out. Right before leaving the house, we decided to take a little roadtrip to Tagaytay instead.

We finally settled to having dinner at Bag of Beans since both of us have never been there and my mom recommended it a few years back.

After about an hour and a half on the road, we finally reached our destination. Bag of Beans is a quaint little garden restaurant found along Aguinaldo Highway. They serve local coffee and English dishes. They serve shepherd's pie, freshly baked breads, coffee, pasta and steaks.

The place is divided into two major indoor dining areas and interspursed tables and chairs for those who prefer al fresco dining. We opted to dine indoors since there was a slight drizzle and it was foggy. Maybe wearing a bustier dress was a bit impractical for a cold foggy night :-)

Hubby and I ordered caesar's salad, lasagna, beef and mushroom pie, roast beef with mashed potatoes and panna cotta. We also took home a loaf of their famous cinnamon raisin bread. I'm not posting any photos because I take lousy food photos under subdued lighting :-)

Here's the lowdown on the food: the Caesar's salad was fresh, cool crisp and very good, made with a home made dressing.

The beef and mushroom pie, was good as well. I liked it, the crust was specially nice (although not as nice as my lola's). I finished the entire thing nonetheless.

The lasagna is very ordinary but not too bad. It could use more mozzarella and more sauce. I only took a bite and took it out.

The roast beef was slightly over cooked. Hubby preferred it medium rare. The sauce accompanying it was good, according to hubby.

The panna cotta's chocolate sauce was a bit rich. It over powered the gentle flavor of the custard.

Hubby and I particularly enjoyed the cool crisp foggy air that only Tagaytay can provide, south of Manila that is.

Happy birthday hubby!


Random Possum said...

Happy Birthday Kuya Eric!

so excited to see you guys very soon.

Socky said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Eric!

ericbau said...


That trip to Bag of Beans Tagaytay is well worth it, despite that they now have a branch in BF Homes.

And nothing beats driving through fog and clean, fresh air. =)