Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Birthday Celebration in LP

LP played host again to another birthday this year, Tita Socky's. The family congregated for another glutton fest. Hubby and I conveniently "forgot" to eat breakfast to make room for the sumptuous lunch.

My pamankins presented Tita Socky with a Madagascar tablet that they painted themselves. Here they are posing with the very colorful tablet.

My mother, the most superb cook in our family, concocted everything. The family seems to favor crabs lately and for this special day, we had crabs the size of dinner plates. You can see the birthday celebrant here, Tita Socky, grabbing some for the camera.

There is no rhyme nor reason to the combination of food that we had. My mom just made whatever catches her fancy for that particular weekend.

For starters we had Pancit Molo. It's a soup made with ground pork and shrimp dumplings. A family favorite and always a crowd pleaser.

Next up, Lechon Paksiw. A dish made with leftover lechon simmered in vinegar, lechon sauce, garlic and some other secret ingredients.

Grilled pork and chicken in soy, garlic, calamansi, lemon lime soda marinade. Typical Pinoy grilled fare, made more special with the choicest cuts of meat (with taba of course).

Bibingka, another Pinoy kakanin or rice based dessert. This particular bibingka is made with sticky rice, sugar and coconut cream.

I made ice cream cake for dessert. The ice cream cake was made with home-baked butter cake and three layers of ice cream, mango, chocolate and manticado then generously sprinkled with slivered almonds on top.

Our little Ashley couldn't stop eating! She managed to steal the serving spoon for the rice and eat off it while we were talking amongst ourselves. Sneaky little devil.


ericbau said...

I had a blast picking those crabs clean! Talk about huge.

By the way, the ice cream cake was in no way, texture, or taste similar to those commercial ice cream cakes you see in stores and supermarkets (maybe even in the airports). It was premium all they way. Care to guess if there were any leftovers?

Socky said...

Ang cute ni Ashley! I bet she's the next foodie/chef in the family. Looking forward to her birthday celebration this Sunday.