Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I am so damn frustrated everyday. I stopped eating beef, pork and chicken when I turned forty. I juice, I make green smoothies daily. The weight just doesn't want to come off! 

Darn it to hell! 

I know what to do, really I do. Drink green juices and smoothies, no white carbs, no meat and my most dreaded activity....daily exercise!

Darn it to hell!

Everyday is a struggle.

And my pants don't feel right. 

I gave them all away.

It's for my own sanity.


Socky said...

Just eat a balanced meal - some proteins (preferably fish), a little carbs and lots of fibre from veg. Eat till you feel almost full. I read somewhere that the body compensates when forced to "starve". Don't struggle with diets anymore. And do yoga - proper yoga breathing actually burns calories. Talking from experience here :-)

Leica said...

Hi Tita. Your fitness routine puts me to shame! :-)

I've been meaning to try yoga, but I feel ashamed of my fats and arms showing he he he. I do yoga sometimes following some Youtube videos.