Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sensei Sushi - BF Homes

The kids are staying with us this holiday season. Yay, for me! I'm on full mommy mode. Sometimes though, I'd like to take a break and eat out. The kids love to eat out as well. I'll post some of our past forays here once I've unearthed some of the photos on my iPhone.

Anyway, last week's victim was Sensei Sushi, a relatively new hole-in-wall sushi place along Aguirre avenue in BF. The menu is written in a blackboard. I assume it changes based on what's fresh and available in the market.

We tried a variety of rolls and some appetizers. We ordered the spicy Tuna Roll, which was quite good, my nephew Jayjay liked it.

We also ordered the Cali Roll with Prawn Popcorn on top, your regular California roll topped with prawn tempura bites. Ashley wasn't too fond of this. For her, a California Roll should look like the "traditional" one. I kinda liked this version though. A bit heavy and is a meal in itself.

I also ordered the Fried Oysters, which I really liked. It was light and the sauce was quite good too.

The kids love Prawn Tempura, they usually finish, between themselves, ten to twelve pieces. Assuming that the tempura would be good, I ordered two immediately, total of ten pieces. Lo and behold, the tempura was served with the heads attached! Yikes, the kids weren't too happy about this. The batter wasn't very good as well (I could taste a bit of cornmeal in it) and it was too oily . They barely touched the tempura that we ordered, we had to take them home and give them to the housekeepers.

Hubby wasn't too pleased with his Grilled Steak as well. He was expecting a slab of meat, not a dainty serving of sukiyaki cuts! The steak was very disappointing since it was one of the most expensive things on the menu. I tasted it, sorry to say, but the meat wasn't even the best quality.

 Anyway, Sensei Sushi is a hit-and-miss kind of place. The rolls and the oysters were pretty good, worth coming back to. The other stuff that we ordered were complete bust and a bit "unusual".

Not sure though if I can persuade Hubby nor the kids to give Sensei Sushi another try.

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