Thursday, June 7, 2012

Xiao Long Bao - Shi Lin Restaurant

I had a craving for Xiao Long Bao a few days ago. We normally don't order it when we eat at Chinese Restaurants, until we discovered it in Din Tai Fung in Taipei.

There's a Chinese restaurant in Alabang Town Center (ATC) called Shi Lin. Shi Lin, based on some entries that I've read online, serves one of the best Xiao Long Baos in Manila.

The gold standard when it comes to Xiao Long Bao is Din Tai Fung of course (because it got a Michelin rating, duh!). Shi Lin's version of Xiao Long Bao, surprisingly, didn't come out too bad. It was pleasantly delicious. The main difference though, in our tastebuds at least, was that Shi Lin's version doesn't "linger" in the palate, as if to say yuuuuuuuum in the longest physical way possible. If that makes sense at all (it probably doesn't, he he he). Admittedly though, Din Tai Fung's version was so delicious and memorable, most restaurants probably couldn't live up to its standards.

The Xiao Long Bao wrappers at Shi Lin were made by hand and on site, so it's guaranteed fresh, which is an added bonus.

Since we can't fly to Taipei every weekend, I would go back to Shi Lin to have some Xiao Long Bao. It's reasonably priced, prepared fresh and so near our house. No need to take a plane ride :-)

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