Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I have nothing to blog. Hubby's been away and I've been eating fastfood almost every night. I feel like a friggin' bachelor(ette).

I've been living in Makati since Hubby's been away to lessen commute or driving time. I said to myself, this is my chance to dine out every night, sample all the great restaurants in Greenbelt. However, none of that happened.... Hmmm...

I find myself getting quick take out somewhere, hurry back to the condo and be on Skype to talk to Hubby.

I ate out once, at Razon's, to have their famous Halo-halo (Yummy!) and Palabok (which tasted like water, no kidding).

So, fast food and quick take outs became my meals. I find cooking for one isn't really that great.

Which got me thinking, if, at my ripe old age of 37, I am still single. What would I be doing?

So, it brings me back to the last time I was truly "single", before I met my handsome prince, Hubby. College.

I completely missed out on the wild party scene during my college days. Most of my friends were homebodies and foodies like me. I was always eager to come home, read a book or watch TV and curl up in my bed.

So, it brings me back, seventeen years later, pseudo single, and I find myself doing the same old thing. Except now there's internet. But essentially, I am still reading (e-books), watching stuff on TV or You Tube, curled up in bed using my iPhone.

Pathetic. Bwa ha ha ha! :-)


Socky said...

You're actually getting a lot of people green with envy. That's the life, eh.

Leica said...

Thanks, life is good :-)