Monday, December 27, 2010

Ocean Adventure - Subic

Hubby and I kidnapped our two pamankins for the day to drive them over to Subic. Since Subic is currently the only place, within driveable distance from Manila, where you can see live dolphins. Hubby and I already went a few years back (waaay back, even before we got married).

I've always been fascinated with dolphins and one of my favorite places to have lunch in the whole wide world is at the dolphin stadium in Ocean Park, Hong Kong. Yeah, I know, I have issues :-)

Anyway, I've always wanted to have close encounters with dolphins and would hope someday to swim with them. In the meantime though, I wanted my nephew and niece to share the experience at touching a dolphin with me. Both of the little ones were in a terrible mood since we left Manila so early in the morning coupled with the heat in Subic. Ayayayay!

Ashley was in a better mood but refused to have her photo taken with the dolphins. So, it was just Hubby, JJ and myself. We were not allowed to take pictures while we are stroking the dolphins and interacting with them but, it was such an awesome experience for me and hubby. Maybe the kids will appreciate the beauty of the experience when they get older.

Me, on the other hand, is looking forward to swimming with them someday :-)

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