Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I am inclined to post this for it bothered me so much when I heard it.

I was on my way home and had taken a detour to a nearby department store in Makati. As I was riding the FX, there were four other women seated behind me. They were discussing about saying "I love you" to their husbands. Three of the four women, refrain from saying they love their spouses unless they have a strong urge to do so. This saddened me so much. How can you not tell people that you love them or care for them? I feel so bad for their husbands who work so hard to provide for their families and not be rewarded by hearing their wives tell them "I love you". Three little words that mean so much.

There are so many "what might have beens" in our lives, everyone has at least one relationship that we felt regret by not saying "I love you" to that person, or not saying it enough or not letting that person know how much they mean to you. The worst by far is patiently waiting for someone to tell us that they love us. It is a simple validation that makes us feel important and essential in their lives.

Telling people you love them shouldn't be a huge fanfare all the time. It could be a whisper just before going to bed or a simple text message in the middle of the day. Yes, people know that we love them, but, it doesn't hurt to say it often. It is possible to say it a thousand times a day and really mean it.

I can't imagine a day without telling hubby I love him or him telling me that he loves me too.

Love is unconditional and it never ceases, even if your heart stops beating.

Love is eternal.

Why hold back?