Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday in Subic - Part 2

Zoobic Safari

Our next stop was the Zoobic Safari. The reason why we travelled all the way to Subic. The kids are very excited about this. JJ even wore his tiger shirt specially for this occasion. Entrance fee is P395 per person, P295 for children 3 feet and up. Below that, entrance is free. Our first agenda was to have our picture taken with a tiger cub. That is the primary reason why we wanted to bring the kids there so that they will have a close encounter with a tiger, to touch them and see them up close safely. I luv tigers.

After taking a picture and petting a tiger cub, went on a tour of all the animal on exhibit. We even got to feed and pet some of them. The kids were a delight to watch. They get so curious about the animals. they asked so many questions and wanted to touch all the animals.

After the furry and cute animals, my brother and JJ went to the serpentarium to look at their snakes. I didn't go with them that's why there are no pictures here :-)

The most awaited part of our tour was the Tiger Safari. Three tigers are realesed from their cages and are allowed to roam freely in a large enclosure. Jeepneys are converted as the “human cage” to protect us from the tigers. You can purchase a whole chicken for P200 and feed the tigers. A zoo keeper will feed the tigers on your behalf. Watch them up clode devouring your chicken. They even climb up the jeepney to get some of the chicken. They are such powerful and beautiful animals. Be prepared to be in awe.

Aeta's Trail

The next part is the Aeta’s Trail. Aetas are the local indigenous tribe. They will demonstrate native dances that mimic the movements of animals. One is the Sayaw ng Tutubi (Dragonfly dance) which they perform when it is about to rain and the Monkey Dance, which mimics the movement of monkeys (which used to be so abundant in the area). We were also treated to a hunting dance complete with bows and arrows The aetas are educated, please don’t make fun of them. They perform these rituals for us to preserve and share their culture.


The last part for the tour are the crocodiles. There are hundreds of them in the enclosure. You can feed them raw chicken too for P50 each. Watch them snap their jaws and pull your chicken.

Subic may look like a ghost town, but there are plenty of things to do there for the weekend. Ocean Adventure, Zoobic Safari, Treetop Adventure, El Kabayo (haven’t been), Jet Skiing, Banana Boating, Beaches, Fishing, Nature Trails and Duty Free Shopping. You need a car to go around since there are no public utility vehicles.

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