Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lunch Rendezvous with Hubby

Another lunch rendezvous with hubby to our usual lunch meeting place, North Park. We often meet here due to the sheer accessibility of it to both our offices. An hour’s lunch break is put to good use here. Just enough time to walk there, order, eat, chat, have dessert and walk back to the office all compressed in one hour.

This time, we decided to have some salted shrimps. A straightforward dish with just prawns fried with some flour coating. I don’t think anybody can screw up this recipe. So, it was good. Highly overpriced at P240 for just seven pieces of shrimps. Overpriced but good nonetheless.

We also ordered some Vinegared Tofu. Fried tofu with vinegar, he he he. The vinegar has some sugar and shallots in it. Nice also.

Hubby also ordered Yang Chow fried rice as opposed to plain rice as an extra treat. Good and very filling. Their serving is good for three. We had some leftover which we will eat for dinner later :-)

For dessert, hubby indulged in Black & White Jelly with Tropical Fruits. Very refreshing on such a hot day.

I used part of my week’s quota for sweets with the Mango Tapioca. Mango puree with milk and some tapioca balls. Refreshing and just sweet enough. The mango puree was good. Almost as good as my mango ice candy recipe. The mango was a bit sour but hubby finished everything anyway :-)


Anonymous said...

love the vinegared tofu and mango sago of north park too

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