Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Violet Glutenous Rice

Lookie lookie. I found this violet glutenous rice (locally known as pirurutong) at the supermarket today, very very rare. I almost thought that pirurutong was a myth and thought that no one's growing them anymore (you can't see it in the picture but the label says that the pirurutong is grown locally!). It's what traditional Puto Bumbong is made of, not the regular glutenous rice dyed purple to mimic the original.

If they only sold the Puto Bumbong steamer with it and a copy of the recipe on the package, people would be lining up to buy them. I would be one of them. Hubby loves Puto Bumbong (pictured below), almost as much as he does me. He he he :-)

Purple Glutenous Rice available at Shopwise for P177.75 for a pack of 2 kilos.


ericbau said...

Hope that Mr. Google (or even Mr. Yahoo) can help us in our quest for the Puto Bumbong recipe. And that the local BF palengke has a Puto Bumbong cooker assembly on sale.

How about we thrown in the kerosene-fed, pump stove (e.g. General Master) used by squid ball or kwek-kwek sidewalk vendors to complete the Simbang Gabi feel. =)

MarysMom said...

Hi, Leica! Got your link from Wifely Steps- you answered my question on her Weekend Soiree- I was curious which husband and wife team was going on the Amazing Race--- I wish I can qualify but they only allow American passport holders (I'm Pinay/naturalized Canadian)--- would have been fun to go with my hubby.
Anyway, found your blog. Nakaka-miss naman ng Pinas, especially with all your kuwento about the food. I will be back. Keep up with the photos and the food stories.

The Home Cook said...

Whoa....purple rice! That look so cool.

Leica said...

Hi Mary'smom, Thanks. We would love to join too but we're Philippine passport holders. There's an Amazing Race Asia though...hmmmm? Maybe we can give it a try, if we can ever find the time to take one month off from work :-)

Home cook, yeah the purple rice is awesome for puto bumbong, if you get the chance to be in a Filipino festival in your area, give it a taste.